As vaccines are becoming available to all and cases are coming down, there is a renewed optimism for a reinvigorated economy. This is great news for businesses that have remained afloat for the pandemic and even better news for the graduation classes of 2021, students who have had their lives upended by lockdowns.

And while many NYC-based businesses will seek out potential new hires from candidates at NYU, Columbia, the other Ivy League schools, and other marquee Universities, not nearly enough are recruiting from NYC’s best-kept secret: The City Universities of New York (CUNY).

CUNY’s 25 NYC-based colleges produce 55,000…

A goals-driven approach to innovation helps direct your efforts where they really matter.

Non-profit organizations are constantly searching for an edge to stay above the competition with limited resources. This is now more critical than ever as Covid is forcing many institutions to reimagine how they engage and serve the public with slashed budgets. Many are also forced to rethink their programming, offering, and engagement strategies to be more relevant in these complex times, and digital first in a time when we’re all engaging remotely. This is putting tremendous pressure on organizations to innovate with limited resources.

No “Silver Bullets”

Some organizations undoubtedly look for a silver bullet or a shiny new toy to solve their…

alex lirtsman

Co-founder | Chief Strategist at Ready Set Rocket

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